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Han Aram is a Korean ceramicist represented by Premium Pages Singapore. Ms Han is 41 yrs. old and she is born in Daegu. She is an award winning contemporary ceramic artist who has more than 20 years of ceramic experience, which includes curating and teaching ceramic art in Yeungnam University for a decade.

Han Aram is also an active member of various art associations. She has participated in many exhibitions, both in Korea and overseas such as Japan and France. She is currently creating new works in her own private ceramic studio in Daegu when she is not exhibiting her works.

The current exhibition is a natural extension of her esthetical journey, whereby the central theme of knowledge is examined by virtue of its origin, perpetuation, improvisation, and implication. For this, A Ram has chosen water as unifying medium in which wisdom bathes effortlessly in its fluidity.


The concept of her works

“The concept of my work is about the flow of water. By showing the viewer images of water flowing like drops of water that are about to drip down or those collected after being dripped, I intend to evoke curiosity of the sequence of water flowing, which is not really predictable. Water, in Eastern philosophy, is one of the five main elements, including fire, wood, metal and earth. Water symbolizes knowledge that reminds me of books that have also become the subject matter of my work. “

On her exhibition in Japan

My exhibition is divided into two parts. One is about the flow of water while the other is about expressing the water that is being collected. As an expression of the collected water, a piece of sculpture showing stacked books is placed in the center of the gallery while books that look like flowing are displayed on the wall. Based on the concept that books represent recording of wisdom and knowledge, I’d like to visualize the cycle of water and the transition of wisdom. The other part is about the flow of water related with the passage of time, showing drops of water that are about to drip down and those on the pebbles. In my installation piece, I use ceramic as the main medium while using stainless steel and wood as well. Because I feel somewhat limited when installing ceramic in certain places, I’d rather exhibit small works this time.

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