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MAY 20 - 23, 2016

 Artshow Busan 2016

The international art fair to be held in Busan, South Korea, will exhibit more than 200 galleries. This time, ART ACCENT, Archive Exhibition of Busan Biennale, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, The 130th anniversary of Korea – is France Diplomatic Relation and The Celebrity is done as special program.

ART ACCENT is a special exhibition to introduce the artists based at Busan. This year, to reflect the dynamic and various features of local art, we invited talented artists, who concentrate in their own world of art rather than focusing in art markets and in addition, we experimented structural attempts in the exhibition display.

The Busan Biennale is a biannual international contemporary art show that integrated three different art events held in the city in 1998: the Busan Youth Biennale, the first biennale of Korea that was voluntarily organized by local artists in 1981; the Busan Sea Art Festival, an environmental art festival launched in 1987 with the sea serving as a backdrop; and the Busan International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium that was first held in 1991. The Busan Biennale was previously called the Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival (PICAF) before it launched. At Art Busan to be held in May 2016, the Busan Biennale will display its 36-year history, introduce the Busan Biennale 2016 (Sep. 3 ~ Nov. 30, 2016) that is currently being mounted, and showcase the accomplishments of its latest projects and participation in the Cité Internationale des Arts.

KIM Kyung-min
good morning / 2011 / Bronze / 200x200x440cm

Art Busan 2016 hosts the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in the BEXCO square which is an example of such city square, which presents sculptures of animals and nature using different materials and various artworks that both children and adults can enjoy. Through this outdoor exhibition, Art Busan aims to combine the BEXCO square and the sculptures as a language and social and cultural catalyst which express the inner spirit of human nature and turn the whole space into a piece of art. The exhibition is also a great opportunity for people to see a variety of unique sculptures in one place.

Reinterpretation of visibility is a special exhibition which presents French artists to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the diplomatic relation between Korea and France. The exhibition hosts French contemporary artists and provides Busan citizens with an opportunity to learn French art and its future direction by introducing paintings and sculptures by promising artists including Michael Duport, Daniel Firman, Jean-Marie Haessle, Timothee Talard and others.The exhibition is held in collaboration with Busan Museum of Art during the Art Busan show and will continue until the early July at Busan Museum of Art.

The most important function of art is reflecting the everchanging reality of life, thereby awakening and engaging human intellect and sensibility, compelling the contemplation of and insight into our possibilities and the sanctity of life. The collaboration among different areas of popular culture is today’s most important keyword, and demands the attention of art. The Celebrity is a magazine that seeks to foster the collaboration of celebrities, who lead the most active and organic front of the cultural art world, and who therefore speak loudest to the public. Art Busan and The Celebrity’s mutual discovery of each other through this exhibit is art, exactly. Art, functioning.


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